When you receive a dental implant, the first step in your treatment is the dental implant placement. Implant placement involves surgically inserting an implant post into your jawbone to replace your tooth root. The implant post is a small screw, typically made of titanium or another biocompatible material. Once placed, it performs the same functions as your original tooth root, stimulating your supporting jawbone to keep it strong and healthy and provide a stable foundation for your teeth and implant.

After your implant is placed, there will be a period of healing to allow the implant post to integrate with your jawbone. This process is known as “osseointegration,” and our dentist will provide you with detailed post-op instructions to help you recover and get the best results from your placement procedure. After this healing period, our dentist will then work with you to create your implant restoration and complete your treatment.

Prior to placing your implant, our dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth to determine if you need any other treatments. For example, you may need to receive a bone grafting treatment if you have lost supporting bone tissue. Preexisting conditions such as tooth decay or periodontal disease will also need to be treated before your implant can be placed.

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