Pocket irrigation, also known as oral irrigation, is a type of dental cleaning that can be performed professionally in our office or at home with an oral irrigation device. Pocket irrigation removes food, plaque and other debris from between your teeth, helping to keep the periodontal pockets in your mouth clean and shallow so that your gum disease does not worsen. Pocket irrigation is also used to deliver antimicrobials below the gumline to fight harmful bacteria and has the added benefit of helping to treat and prevent bad breath.

Pocket irrigation devices usually have a rounded tip to minimize the risk of tissue damage during your treatment and facilitate a more extensive cleaning. If you perform a pocket irrigation procedure at home, you can use a water jet like the Waterpik® water flosser to clean around your teeth. Pocket irrigation has the benefit of being gentler on your gums and less harmful to your soft tissue than flossing but does not remove the need for a professional dental cleaning. You should continue to visit our dentist at least twice a year for regular preventive care.

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